Bobcat Trapping
A great morning's run, three cats.
Tree Cubby
This set has not been weatherproofed with fresh boughs yet. A chunk of beaver in the top and a trap in the opening will complete it.
Here is a cat caught at the above cubby.
Typical areas I find bobcats, heavy timber, downed trees.
Boulder Cubbies
Here are some cubbies built against large boulders with poles leaned against to support the brush. The brush or boughs helps to weather proof the cubby to keep the trap working during periods of snow. The bait is usually wired in the top center of these cubbies, some are double ended so the cat can see clear through. With double ended cubbies a trap or snare is placed at each end.
Other types of cubbies
This cubby was made where a large tree had fallen behind two other trees. There was a dead stub nearby with the bark still clinging to it, this bark was peeled of in large slabs 1'X2' and placed along the sides and over the top to weather proof the set.
Marten Trapping
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Favorite Sets
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<----------------------------------------------Slabs of bark from dead stub.
Here is the result of a properly located and consructed boulder cubby. Will Collins, with a 35 lb tom caught in the Priest Lake area.
Downed tree---------------->
Bobcat Scat, segmented and blunt.